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Meet our amazing practitioners who each offer various healing modalities which include but are not limited to, Reiki, Tarot and oracle card readings, massage and vibrational sound therapy and intuitive readings.  You are welcome to walk-in during business hours to get a Reiki treatment or a card reading, but we would highly recommend scheduling your personalized session by emailing or calling Wild Wisdom Collective in advance. Vibrational Sound sessions are by appointment only as well as intuitive readings in the sound bowl sanctuary & massage (for now). Stay tuned on updates as walk-in massage may be coming soon, along with acupuncture.    

In addition, the Wild Wisdom Collective team can customize an experience for your wants and needs and that may include a couples or friends' experience with a combination of Reiki, Vibrational Sound and Tarot or oracle readings and/or meditation.  You may define the experience you would like, and we will do our best to put something VERY SPECIAL for you together.  We have a vast array of talented practitioners that are ready to assist you with your intentions.

See menu below and learn about our practitioners:



Arison Antonucci-Burns

Owner - Founder - Vibrational & Sound Therapist and Intuitive Reader


Arison is the owner/founder of Wild Wisdom Collective & Restorative & Broker/Owner of Aspire Realty.  She will take you on a unique and relaxing journey with vibrational sound healing and intuitive readings.  Your intentions for the session will be honored through a series of frequency related healing modalities that will help to align the Chakras and overall calming of the nervous system. She may even work with the etheric realm during the sound and vibrational immersion and some of her healing tools may include tuning forks, shamanic drumming, crystal sound bowls, Himalayan bowls, gong and variety of other instruments and light body touches to assist with achieving your intentions.  In addition, she may use stones, crystals, oils, sprays, palo santo, sage and other magical methods to assist during your private session.   Arison may also have you stand in a large Himalayan Bowl that is struck in a rhythmic pattern so you can feel the vibrations from your feet through to your head (or at least that is the goal).  In her words, “this fun experience may stir you up like a blender, to help loosen you up at a cellular level.” She will also do an intuitive reading while you are standing in the bowl & may delve deep (with your permission of course) into your auric field and the physical body, which is a process she calls “mirroring.”  Within the walls of the Sound Bowl Sanctuary & the vibrational healing/Reiki room, which she calls “Spirit Vegas,” (for the Vagus Nerve), the ultimate goal to align the Vagus nerve in the body and assist with whole body healing and relaxation. Each experience is as unique as the person that steps into these sacred spaces and each session will be honored with upmost respect and privacy.  She believes that whatever arises during these sessions serves a Divine purpose and plays a vital role in restoring the mind, soul and body back to wholeness.
  Most of these sessions in their full capacity take about 1.5 hours, so please plan on this amount of time in your schedule.  We encourage each client to wear clothing as this is NOT a traditional body massage, but PLEASE wear clothing that is light in nature so the vibrations can be felt to their full capacity.  Also, please bring a hair tie to pull hair back around the ears AND most importantly come with an open mind and spirit, she can work with the rest.  For youth, the sessions may vary. Some session times may vary, depending upon the individual and the session booked.  To book a "Spirit Vegas" session or reading call or text (406) 600-2787 or the store at (406) 920-8011 or email below.  This is NOT A WALK-IN service.  General sessions with an intuitive reading are $150.  Intuitive readings in the Sound Bowl Sanctuary are $35/reading and take 10-15 minutes generally. Get ready for a fun, relaxing and specialized experience that is UNIQUE AS YOU!

Jolene Caffrey-Little

Reiki Master and Wild Wisdom Collective Store Manager

Jolene has lived in Bozeman for 51 years and has spent 28 of those years working as a Registered Nurse. Her compassion for her clients shows through her big smile and loving energy. Jolene’s Reiki journey began in 2011 when she took her first class. Her passion to heal others led her to start her own business in 2016. She is a mother of 2 and enjoys everything Montana has to offer from hiking and skiing, to floating and camping. Schedule a Holy Fire Reiki treatment or attend one of her classes to begin your journey to wellness and feel the love and healing energy course through you.

Casey Krohn

Reiki Master - Tarot & Oracle Card Reader - Mandala Artist

Casey is a Usui & Holy Fire Reiki master practitioner, mandala artist, oracle reader & photographer who loves laughter, authenticity, exploring & learning.  She has two young adults & a wild pup named Luna. Casey would love to help support you on your healing journey & spread inspiration through Reiki, oracle readings & personalized mandalas.

Shaelynn Stubbs

Reiki Master - Tarot and Oracle Card Reader

Shaelynn is a Holy Fire Reiki Master as well as a Card Reader. She has been practicing Reiki and doing readings for over 5 years and is passionate about helping you find clarity on your journey. She is a mother of one and enjoys the river, crochet, gardening and connecting with her people. Shaelynn loves helping others step into their authenticity with confidence and clarity. 

Ana Antonucci

Reiki Master - Hypnotherapist- Vibrational Sound Therapist

Ana was born and raised in Brazil and has found her home in Bozeman, MT with her husband and 4 children.  Remarkably she had triplets and plus "plus one" later in life.  Her desire to reduce stress and find peace and led her into hypnotherapy and energy work began as she felt she needed a change in her life. Hypnotherapy helped open her eyes to a world full of possibilities and well as the Reiki practice. 

She believes stress can be managed with a holistic approach and with the proper tools can achieve mental wellness. In return, healthy minds create healthy bodies and enable people to achieve our goals and live the life they desire. Her goal is to empower every person to access their own inner source healing ability, giving them the tools to reach their full potential.

She recognizes that everyone is unique, so she uses her expertise to help others see what they cannot see within themselves. She utilizes hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tapping and Eden Medicine as tools to create an optimal healing environment to help my clients go from surviving to thriving. Feel free to contact Ana for more information. She can be reached at 406-581-3406 or at About - Mind Over Matter (

 Alie Hinckley

Reiki Master - Tarot and Oracle Card Reader

Alie moved to Bozeman from Ogden, UT with her family in the year 2000. She's always felt so lucky to have mostly grown up in Bozeman! She discovered her passion for energy work using Reiki in February of 2021 then she completed her master course in August 2021. Alie is always ready for a good laugh and is excited to listen, support and uplift new and returning clients with love and compassion. Whether sending you on your way after a treatment with an affirmation in mind or utilizing her intuitive card reading capabilities to seek truth or encouragement, she is eager to help you return to your authentic self. Offering hands on or distance Reiki treatments as well as Tarot and oracle card readings she can't wait to meet and help you on your healing journey. May the intuitive wisdom from within guide you. Satnam

Tatum Russell

Massage Therapist

Tatum is a massage therapist born and raised in Kalispell, MT.  She is committed to helping you leave her table feeling refreshed, realigned, and rejuvenated. Each body vastly differs from its neighbor, requiring its own unique treatment. Her techniques specialize in deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, and therapeutic massage. Tatum offers special accommodations such as a hot towel massage and a raindrop massage (view the massage menu for descriptions of each service). She chose massage because she could help people learn about their bodies and give them a break from their lives. In addition, she feels massage is not limited to one modality. She is confident that she can provide a safe & comfortable environment for you at Wild Wisdom Collective, especially if you are new to massage and feeling vulnerable.

Outside of massage, she lives a balanced life of peace and thrill. Her favorite pastimes are reading, going to the gym, cooking, and cleaning. However, her hobbies include sailing, traveling, skiing, and finding new creative ways of enhancing her experience of life. Book a massage with Tatum to relax your body, mind and soul. 


DISCLAIMER****Please notify us if you are pregnant, have seizures, other health conditions or anything that may be harmful with loud sounds close to the ear or general vibrations or if you are sensitive or allergic to certain oils or scents.  The practitioners at Wild Wisdom Collective are not medical doctors and these sessions are not intended to diagnose or cure any condition.