The JOURNEY- The Inspiration behind Wild Wisdom


Written by: Arison Antonucci-Burns, Owner/Founder of Wild Wisdom Collective. 

It all started with severe anxiety attacks and stress...sound familiar? Then when I found peace and awareness of the BIGGER picture and found CONNECTIONS to some incredible people, life changed forever.  For me it was not an instantaneous shift, it was a journey of heart break, ups and downs throughout childhood thru adulthood, some terrible medications, the loss of our first child, death of my father, having a baby at almost 40 years old, starting a few businesses including Aspire Realty (one business could be deemed that as an epic failure and financially almost ruined us). In addition, thinking and feeling I was going to die (for real) on a trip to Thailand (which was really the start of the shift, I just didn't understand at the time) AND then... having the greatest adventure of my life, that changed everything (that exact story is too long and private to share here).  It can take a tribe to raise the whole, but it only takes one life changing experience to change the mind, HEART and soul of One to assist with raising the whole.

I am speaking for myself of course, but even with all the tumultuous times, I would not change a thing as it got me to where I am today.  I think most can say that about life, right? Live and learn. When I learned I had to go within and look at the HARD STUFF...the "wounded me," and face my fears, forgive myself and others and stop working so damn hard ALL THE TIME, and not seek outside of myself for validation, I was able to heal from the inside out. I opened my heart and mind to more possibilities beyond my life-long paradigm and softened the "tough-me."  I became vulnerable...oh hell no! I began to let go of all the pre-conceived notions and images I had for myself and from others and little by little I let me...just BE... ME.  And unapologetically too.

My life started to shift, including people in my life that I could not mentally or physically be around.  I was cleansing and clearing alot of things that no longer served a purpose in my life without working too hard it- often times, not at all!  It's interesting how when you LET-GO and let the Universe work its magic, then more magic shows up in a supportive, and often surprising way! There are too many magic moments to explain here, but one the magic moments was when we opened the wellness center just below my Aspire Realty office and called it Wild Wisdom Restorative. I was inspired to name it that from a book my husband gave me that was called "Wild Wisdom."  It is a book of Native American tales and wisdom from various tribes. I told him one day I would like to have a wellness/retreat center and would call it Wild Wisdom, not knowing that less than a year later, we would buy a commercial space, renovate and open Wild Wisdom Restorative. 

After the renovations were completed, I decided that it would be fun to have a "little" shop within the center for all of my favorite things.  So, I asked my friend Linda Chambers, the past owner of the beloved store in Downtown Bozeman called Dari Rasa, if she would help me open up the small store.  She lovingly agreed.  We took a jaunt to Tuscon for the world's largest gem show and I came back with a 20 foot U-Haul full of all kinds of crystals, stones, statues, lamps, jewelry and items from around the globe.  Oh, what fun we had! But the dilemma was, where would I put all the stuff?? It clearly would not fit into a 10X16 space.  On the day we left Tuscon, the current home of Wild Wisdom Collective at 7 S. Tracy Ave in Bozeman, MT came available with over 3,000 SQFT.  I took one look at the space on-line and told my husband that WE FOUND OUR HOME!  We arrived home to Bozeman and took a look in person, leased the space the same day and backed our U-Haul truck up and unloaded. WE DID IT!  3 weeks later we opened! 

I am so grateful for our community, friends and family that has supported us and our lovely "spirit crew" teammates at Wild Wisdom Collective and the practitioners at Wild Wisdom Restorative.  Had I known what I know now, I would have started this path many moons ago!  It's a joy to serve our community and also a joy to feel supported.  It's a gift to love and be loved in return and to be of service to those that need a loving hand, hug and a smile.  So, thank you for reading this short story and know that you too, can manifest and design the life you want!  You do not need a grandiose detailed plan for everything, you just need a thought, an idea and the drive to make your passion or dream a reality.  

Here are some fun photos and inspirations that led up to where Wild Wisdom Collective & Restorative is today. 

Elephant Ride

So I think the first wave of energy shift came when I went to Thailand with my friend Abby and hosted by Linda Chambers.  I did not know Linda or really anything about elephants or sound bowls, but learned quickly about her passion for both the instruments and the elephants.  She taught us that sound healing can assist with calming of the elephants.  We saw first had the effects the magic sounds had on them.  I thought, if these instruments could have this much positive effects on elephants, imagine how helpful to humans they would be/are? I was SOLD!  That trip was famously known as "cryland" as a both cried all the time and thought I was going to die, but had so much fun and created relationships that have stood the test of time.  This photo was the first time riding an elephant through the jungle.  These precious animals are so intelligent, kind and gentle.  


The Thought

Always in thought, but it was this place & in this moment in time that moved my HEART and mind into a new direction. 


It can take a tribe to keep the dream alive and inspire one to new heights. I sure do love my ever-expanding tribe that love and support. 

 AND... friends, who understand all my quirks, visions and love me regardless of the circumstances. This picture makes me laugh.    

And it only takes a few people to be the catalyst of change...

Starts here

The Journey Starts with Connection to Gaia and Source.  The connection comes and goes, but when the connection is clear, it's hard to go backwards, you want to keep the channel open all the time!  The phrase, "follow the light," surely has a whole different meaning to me now. 


It's important to have mentors and friends that love to laugh, cry and inspire new thoughts & ideas and are willing to have random adventures. 

Mountain Journey

When you learn to TRUST and let your INTUITION Guide...


When you learn that Chakra's are a real thing and learn how to work with them...your body and mind can FINALLY find peace.  


I discovered that crystals and other Earth elements can help facilitate GREAT change.  How true this photo is!  I feel like that most days when I go to the store, my staff often think I'd move in (there is TRUTH to that for sure).  This gal's reaction in the photo is how some people feel when they step into Wild Wisdom Collective.   


I've learned a lot about ancient traditions, and use some in everyday life.  The traditions can be so fun, liberating and healing.  I LOVE blowing smoke, HAHA!! Sage and Palo Santo and Sacred Tobacco mixes for burning are some of my favorite things.  They give me a high without the "high." These items are good for clearing and foster greater insights during meditations etc. and are very popular items at Wild Wisdom Collective. I also use them in my real estate practice for clearing homes. 

Blowing Smoke

Feathers have become my new best friends! We have lots of feather fans and jewelry at the store from across the globe. 


All of the tools and lessons learned I use to do ceremonial healing work for friends, family and clients. This photo is taken within the Wild Wisdom Community Room that can be leased. 


Our historic Bank Vault at Wild Wisdom Collective was transformed into a sound healing sanctuary, currently called "Spirit-Vegas," where the sounds of crystal bowls are demonstrated and where I do intuitive readings for patrons of the store. 


Lemurian Crystal Bed was added to aid in relaxation and Chakra alignment.  We also have a Biomat made of tourmaline and amethyst to help, relax, cleanse and clear.

Lemurian Crystal Bed

I have learned that Quantum Healing is LEGIT and can be done from afar.  It's like a traveling prayer to the one you want to connect with.  I have learned how to do it and it can be very impactful. 


I have a problem, I fall in LOVE with all the fun finds.  It's hard to let them go.  I personally select all of them.  This is my favorite item in the store... Ocean Jasper Angel wings.  They called to me, and I could not leave them behind. Nobody has bought them, so I may just have to keep them! BUMMER! :)

Amazing finds

Jewelry is usually a woman's best friend- here are a few of my favorite Knotted Works' necklaces and Star born ring options. To me, the BIGGER, the BETTER!


 I took a trip to Costa Rica to learn more about myself and about Shamanic practices and lived through Ayahuasca.  Now that was another game changing experience...I loved the country, the people and to teachers I met there.  


We have this book at Wild Wisdom Collective.  POWERFUL!

Our Ayahuasca survivors! Costa Rica is calling me again...Aya too. 

Aya crew

I love this image, as sometimes this is how I feel and probably look to others when we are doing mind, soul and body work.  The connection is real and helps me facilitate working with others. 


This is my dear friend Linda Chambers.  She inspired so much in me.  Years later I ended up buying these agate wings from her, from Dari Rasa and now they are in Wild Wisdom Restorative waiting room.  They bring so much love and positive energy to the space.  

It's true, BIGGER is better!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  That's BS!  My first gem show. 

Bigger is Better

Friends that love to serve others, are my favorite type!  These beautiful ladies are just that type and we have helped each other in so many ways on our life's journey.  They have been my cheerleaders too with this new life path and have taught me so much!


"I AM" statements have become a powerful part of daily practice.  What is your "I AM" statement?  

I am

Teachings of Buddha and Yeshua and other ascended masters are such a huge part of life.  I am grateful for their energies, teachings and examples that live on.  We have carved Buddha statues from Bali at the store.  They are so lovely and bring joy and peace into any environment.